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Perform steps to work within guidelines to achieve the final result of approvals for product and or advertising needs


Designs by Dianna is the go between client and officials to obtain permit approvals, from start to the completion of a project, typically broken out into specific tasks with deadlines. Before you install any new signage or replace an existing sign, you must make sure your signs meet all legal requirements and follow any guidelines set forth by the landlord, the city, the building, etc. Depending on the municipality where the sign is being installed, a permit may be required. To find out if a permit is required, proper due diligence is necessary

At Designs by Dianna, we realize the importance of this step in the process and its impact on the overall success of any given signage project. As a result, we oversee the entire permit procurement process for all Designs by Dianna Sign clients.

Sign installation requires consistent and experienced communication and coordination with local authorities and zoning boards. Let our dedicated team leverage their ability to expedite the permitting process for you. You can count on us to:

  • Ensure all the necessary permits and licenses are approved prior to installation.
  • Prepare and submit all the necessary documents and applications for obtaining all sign related permits.
  • Handle code checks, communications on clarification of zoning, etc.
  • Provide a weekly status report relative to the anticipated permit approval schedule.